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I have a dashboard with many tabs and groups. When displaying two tabs (Bad and Buero) it takes quite a long time and then an error message appears in the browser: "Oh no, page cannot be displayed. Error code Out of Memory". The other tabs work fine. If i load the page in Chrome via an incognito window, all tabs work perfectly.

Since I do not know now which information is needed I wait first if someone here has a solution or can help.

Thanks already and best regards

You will need to give us a clue as to what you are doing with Dashboard, certainly in regard to those 2 tabs. But we need to know about the whole dashboard since it is a single browser page (SPA), so the other tabs may play a role.

ok, I will give this a try: I use the dashboard to display and control my smarthome, more than 20 tabs with mostly about 10 or more display groups. Most of it is "fed" via a MQTT gateway with data from an extensive ZWave network. Is there a configuration file where all used ui nodes are listed? Then I can post it here.

The two mentioned tabs also use the node ui-control to show and hide some groups - as far as I could understand it has nothing to do with that.

As I said in incognito mode it works and even if you restart node-red it works for a while before the mentioned error occurs.

Thanks for the help.

Are you using Charts on the ui? If so how often are you sending them samples, how many lines, and over what time range do they keep data?

Hallo Hubertus,

It might be an idea to deactivate all tabs and reactivate one after the other. Every time you activate another tab, you can check, if the error occurs. Maybe this can help to localize the problem.


Yes i use charts. All charts with one line!

  • Two for weatherforcast - every 15 min. i clear the chart and insert 6 e.g. 8 new values - these tabs works fine.

  • Two for the temperaturs display of twor raspberrys - time range 24 h, insert every 5 sec.

  • In another eight rooms, up to three charts for displaying temperature, humidity and co2 values over 24 hours. Updating every 5-15 minutes, depending on when the sensors provide new values. These charts are also on the two critical tabs - but there are also many other UI components.

  • In other groups that also have these charts but less other UI components everything runs. And two more charts for the display of the power consumption of two sockets - again 24 hours.


Chart is most expensive widget memory wise.
Creating and configuring the chart is made easy for live data charting but that is trap. Thumb rule is - the number of data-points the chart has to be rendered should never exceed 2/3 of the width (in pixels) of chart area.

Charts for long-therm analyse should be used with aggregated data and there is no practical reason to have them to be live charts.

That results in 17,280 entries. There really isn't any point in monitoring a device temperature so rapidly over such a long period. Either split it into two with 5s points for say 20min and the other into 5min points for 24hrs.

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I'll give this a try and reduce the number of data points on the charts. Let me test this for a few days and I will report back.

@TotallyInformation : Thanks for the tip with the charts! It works so far with the reduced data points.
Many greetings

Update i reduce the charts to zero using influxdb and grafana: https://flows.nodered.org/flow/8e96b8630c4edc866aa0459354033c9b/in/u1hmO7pQPVSi

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