Time range switch incorrect date

I have a flow that is using a time range switch, it almost works but not quite. I think the problem is with the date, it says "invalid date" under the node. I've installed all 3 the dependancies and checked the date and time on the pi (its correct).
The issue is that it will not transmit the flow during the times specified, the flow just stops at that node and nothing gets through when the "time window" should be open. The second output works fine, just passing the signal along like its supposed to.
Could the invalid date be causing this?
How do I fix that?
thank you

That’s a contrib node that you have installed.
If you want help from the forum it’s better to include the full name so that users might recognise it.

Alternatively if you think you have found a bug in the node, please open an issue on the nodes github page so that the author of the node hears about it.

Will do thank you.
I thought that is was called “time range switch”. Here is a link to the page.

I’ll post a question there

the name is node-red-contrib-time-range-switch

otherwise it could be a generic question about time range switches