Time_Range_Switch - Usage

I'm using Time Range Switch to turn on my irrigation at dawn. I want it to switch off 30 minutes later. Because dawn only occurs once/day, it's difficult to run a debug.

I tried it this morning and it came on as scheduled. However, I think it turned off again 10 minutes later.

I insert a time stamp every 10 minutes.

This is my setup.

Am I doing it right?



It helps if you share exactly what Node package you are using. There are quite a few that deal with dates/times and schedules.

I was using CRON+ for this kind of thing. But recently I've started using node-red-contrib-sun-position as I needed some different outputs that were easier than with CRON+. It's "enhanced inject" node would do what you want.

Thank you for this. I took a look at node-red-contrib-sun-position and it looks like it might answer my needs.

The node I was referring to is node-red-contrib-time-range-switch.

@MikeyD - It's very easy to setup using CRON+......

I've selected the 'civil dawn' for both of the option <1 selected>, but could be sunrise, etc.


Yes, that does look easy. Thanks, Paul.

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