Time taken to set a global variable?

Hi all,

I have a change node which sets a global variable, the message then goes on to a function which reads that variable. It seems that the message gets to the function before the variable is set. i.e. the new value isn't there when I read it. If I add a 1sec delay node in between then all is fine.

Does this seem like expected behaviour ?

Running on a pi4 what might be a more realistic minimum time to allow before passing on the message to the function node ?

The Change node doesn't pass the message on until the call to set the value in context has returned - so the Function node should see the value set by the Change node without a delay.

Can you share a simple flow that demonstrates the issue?

Thanks - so if it's not normal then I will investigate some more.

So I found that my function was running ok but actually its too fast for my browser to see the dynamic changes it makes. These must happen before the page loads so I see the defaults. The delay node allows the page to load and then the function updates the page correctly.

Thanks for your help.

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