Time Triggered Inject Ussie

Hello All,
I am having an issue with specific time triggered inject node. It triggers may be once out of 20 tries whenever I set it up on upcoming time. It is not triggering on specific time and day.
I flat out imported from cook book and only changed the time. Worked once or twice that's it.


Am I missing something? It does not look that complicated.
(Node red is on Raspberry Pi Zero) I checked the machine time, it is accurate.
Thank you for your time.

What version of node-red are you using?

Earlier versions used a different Cron library under the hood.

You could try Node-red-contrib-cron-plus which contains logic to update schedules should the time on the server change due to ntp.

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Thank you for your fast response. I am using 2.0.6.

There is an issue with devices that don't have a hardware clock, particularly if connected via wi-fi. On startup node red may start before the network is connected and the clock synchronised. So it gets the wrong time and never recovered. You can check if it is that by restarting node red and then see if it works. If it is that then there is a line in the systemd startup script that you can uncomment to make it wait for time sync before starting node red. Alternatively (and possibly better) use the cron plus node as suggested, which does not suffer from this problem.

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Thank you very much, I switched to cronplus as you suggested. Does what I need.

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