Timestamp for email


we are sending alarms through node-RED.
But the time stamp is not proper.

See below red marked in screenshots

---this was tested yesterday

As well as see when I get an email , see red marked timings at top & bottom on email, both are different.

-- this is tested today just

what can be the issue here?


Are you running node-red on the same machine as the browser?
How did you install node-red? Are you using Docker for example?

Hello ,

node-red is installed on my raspberry pi based device. Its system time is also set correctly as per my laptop where I am watching dashboard in browser.

yes, node-red is running as container through Docker.


If you open a terminal to the docker instance, what time and timezone does the container report?

Alternatively ask yourself why you are using Docker. If you don't really know then possibly best not to. Instead install not-red using the usual recommended route.

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im so sorry if oot, may i get a flow node from your case "alarm over email? cause i have some trouble like you and i dont understand. thankyou


I am working on it as you requested, please find below docker timezone details. how can we change this. It is showing 30 minutes later time you can see below screenshot, Indian time is 16:30 pm.

We want to change this time zone to Indian time zone.


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