Token Authorization flow

Please refer to the attached screenshot -

The top line is a successful HTTP POST request that returns an IDToken. The IDToken needs to be used in a subsequent HTTP GET request to retrieve the data I require.

The attached screenshot is my ham-fisted attempt at trying to put the IDToken where it needs to be in the 'Authorization' field of the GET request. I really have no idea what I'm doing trying to re-engineer examples I've found on the web.

I can successfully (manually) copy and paste the IDToken where it needs to be in the brackets ' + bearer + ' and the flow returns the required data.

Any suggestions how to do this?

have you tried removing the ' and + frorm around ' + bearer +'.
msg.headers['authorization'] = bearer;

Thankyou! That works fine. I guess there's some reason why the examples I tried to adapt used the format ' + bearer + '. Learning curve...steep...struggling. :thinking:


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