Tooltip for SVG-graphic node?

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is there a way to add a tooltip that appears when you hover over an element of the svg-graphic-node?
As far as I know there is a tooltip for every button-, slider-, text-node and for the UI template.
For me it is not possible to use the ui-template because I'd like to have the enlarge- and move-ability of the svg-node.

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SVG uses a title element for tooltips

<svg version="1.0" id="Layer_1"
	 width="250px" height="200px" viewBox="0 0 64 64" enable-background="0 33 64 64" xml:space="preserve">
  <title>Hello, title!</title>
  <rect x="1" y="12" fill="red" color="white" stroke="#000000" stroke-width="2" stroke-miterlimit="10" width="62" height="40">
  <text x="15" y="25" font-family="Verdana" font-size="7" fill="white">Hover me</text>



But I can't use a specific titel for a specific svg-object, can I?

Have you tried?

What happens if you wrap a specific object in a group & add a title element?

how to put them into a group?

Look at the group element.


Alright. It works perfectly now. Thank you Stece-Mcl and BartButenaers.

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