Trigger File from Noderedd

Hi all,

I would like to trigger a command prompt script in raspberry pi using nodered flow...Is there any node available to trigger it??

Do you mean you want to execute a command? If so you can use the Exec node. If you mean you want to bring up a terminal window that is more problematic.

Might be worth looking at the work @BartButenaers has been doing for 'xterm'.


When you want to use the new xterm node, keep in mind that it is in early beta phase! Had a lot of 'constructive' feedback about my first version, and I'm completely redesigning it (to move it to the sidebar panel). It is now only a matter of (free) time ...

I've found it very useful in sorting out a network issue between a RPi and a remote MySQL server.

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Have added "allow script to be executed from Node-RED" on the xterm node's todo list...

The Exec node is what's required here. Please don't divert the thread.


If you want to execute the script i background, then my xterm node won't be a solution. I only open a connection to the backend when the flow editor is open. I guess you need to use the Exec node in those cases...

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sure will try it out.

Thank you