Trigger flow in one instance from another instance

Hi I have node red instances setup and working on two systems, a mini pc and an inverter both on the same network. Both are working and controlling their systems perfectly. I would like to be able to trigger a flow on one instance from a flow result on the other, how is the best way to do this. I very new to this thanks.

IMO, MQTT is the simplest.

You setup 1 broker (on one of the computers) and configure both instances to point at that. Then you can send structured messages between the two by way of simple topics like nodered/1/status and nodered/2/control (or whatever topics you care to invent)

If you are not familiar with MQTT, there are lots of great video tutorials on YouTube (search "node-red MQTT")

As for the broker, the go-to broker of choice is mosquitto. Note. After install, you will need adjust it's config:

listener 1883

in mosquitto.conf to permit connectivity from across your lan network.

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Thanks for the reply Steve perfect

To learn more about MQTT then see this tutorial MQTT Essentials - All Core Concepts Explained

If you don't want to add an MQTT broker. The next simplest is almost certainly a simple HTTP(S) endpoint.

On the target, use a pair of http-in/-out nodes to create a simple endpoint. Add a 2nd output on the http-in node to trigger your flow. On the source instance, use an http-request node to trigger.

Thanks Colin :+1:

Thanks I will research both methods

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