Trigger node bogus delay

This is my first real-world flow and I've already got an issue :roll_eyes: The problem is that the trigger node delays the first message by 7 seconds instead of passing it through directly. It handles intervening messages and the delay for the "off" as I expect. What the heck am I missing?

connect an inject node to the trigger node and test it. It works for me.

Is it possible that the hall Motion node is sending multiple messages????

Thank you, @zenofmud, for the quick response.

I'll try that... after I take my dog to the groomer. She gets done today, I have to wait another month!

The motion sensor does indeed send multiple messages but not more often than about 10 seconds. I think the trigger node handles that properly.

put a devug node on the sensor (give another name) so you can verify how often messages are coming thru.

How can I get closer to the sensor than the MQTT input node?

oops never mind i missed that
So at
7:35:01 - a msg 'true' came from the mqtt node and seven seconds later at
7:35:08 - a 'false' msg came from the mqtt node.from, then at
7:35:08 - a 'true' msg leaves the trigger node and at
7:35:23 - a 'false' msg leaves the trigger node

Are you setting a msg.topic?
Please change the debug nodes to display the complete msg object.

The only "topic" field anywhere here is the MQTT subscription topic.

Here is the current flow and the output from the debug nodes. I'll post the results of injecting in a moment.

Please do this. add an inject connected to a change node. In the change node move 'reset' to msg.reset. Connect the change node to the trigger node and test.

Here I clicked inject True once and waited 3 minutes and nothing has come out of the trigger node. What I expect to happen is that any True passes though the trigger immediately and starts the 15 second timer (which is restarted buy all subsequent True or False input) and when the timer expires the trigger node spits out a false.

You're getting ahead of me. I'll add the change node after the next test, which is injecting a False and seeing what happens.

Hmmm, injecting a False one time gives the exact behavior I desire...but why?

try adding a reset as I asked in my prior post.

Clearly, the trigger node does not operate according to what I gleaned from the sidebar notes.

I'll add the change node now but which inject to you want as it's input? T or F?

Is this what you want in the change node?Screenshot_2020-05-04_11-06-57

Screen Shot 2020-05-04 at 1.09.53 PM

Thanks. Done. What should the inject node send? payload (string) reset?

Tried my guess and that's not right.

I just realized that you reset the trigger is the incoming msg is equal to 'true'.
So the sensor sends a true and the debug IN displays the msg and it is sent to the trigger and the trigger is reset.
Now a false comes along, the debug displays it and sends it to the trigger and the trigger sends out 'true' (because that is what you told it to do) and when the timer expires, the trigger sends out a 'false'

So t is doing wat you have told it to do. Now the question is 'What do you want to do?"

I want a True coming from the MQTT input to pass immediately to the MQTT out and start the 15 sec countdown leading to a False being sent to the MQTT out. Any intervening T or F should reset the countdown to 15 sec.

This is a simple motion lighting flow. I'm testing with 15 sec but will change that to like 5 minutes when it does what I want.

I actually expected to find an example in this forum but did not.

I have a session with my grandson for the next hour so I'll be off line till then