Trigger nodes not doing the same on different machines

Sorry, I thought I had resolved this the other day with the trigger node, but I haven't.

Here are two examples of basically the same code on two machines.

One it doesn't "work" and on the other it does.

BigTimer (which BTW I am trying to update, but that's another story) sends a "dusk"/"dawn" message and things happen.

Given it is dusk time here.......

At "dusk" two trigger nodes are sent a "dusk" message.
One sends an immediate output of 49 then waits 30 minutes and sends 42
The second node comes to life after 60 minutes and sends a 6.

Pretty simple. Or so I thought.

I built a test flow and it worked as expected with the changed position of the nodes to my original way of doing it.

So, here are two screen shots.

You see the successful injection of the message.
That goes to two trigger nodes. One is opened and you see it sends a 49 out. (Red lines)
You see the output. (Blue lines.)
And you can see the trigger nodes are ..... triggered. The blue dot under them. (Light blue lines)

Other picture:
I press the "OFF" button to BigTimer.
You see the "dusk" message sent. (Blue lines)
It arrives at the trigger node. Nothing. (light blue box)
But you can see it was sent out of the switch node.