Trouble with timezone in Node-Red, Docker, Synology NAS


I'm running node-red in a docker container on a Synology NAS.
Unfortunately, I'm not able to set the right, local Timezone (Europe/Berlin).

I mounted the following Volumes

      - /etc/TZ:/etc/timezone:ro
      - /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro

and I did also insert the Timezone in the settings.js

process.env.TZ = "Europe/Berlin";

but in Node-red I still only get the UTC-Time (Timestamp).

I would be glad, to find some help ore advices here.

Thanks in advance and best regards - Daniel

Doesn‘t anyone know the problem or can anyone give me some advice?

Thanks in advance - Daniel

What are you doing that tells you it is UTC?
What does Date.getTimezoneOffset() give?

Hi, the TimezoneOffset ist -60, which seems to be correct for Germany.
But if I want to use a timestamp like

var currentDate = new Date();

I always get the UTC-Time. And if I then want to continue using it, I always have a difference of one hour to the current local time.

I'm still a newbie to working with nodered and programming stuff like this, but I thought if I asked for the actual time, I would get the current local time. - Thanks for help!

What do you mean by that?

What is it that you want to do with it?

Remember there is only one time, 12:00 UTC is the same time as 13:00 UTC+1, they are just different ways of displaying the same time.

Hi, thanks for the quick response. For various events I have set up context variables that contain an entry in conjunction with a timestamp: E.g. last change in temperature, in conjunction with a timestamp.


If I print the variable with debug as mentioned before, I can see that the temperature changed at 13:56 (UTC+0). But in local time (Germany) the temperature changed at 12:56 (UTC+1).

My assumption was that I would get the local time with "new Date()" and that consequently nodered's time setting should have been incorrect. But now I assume that it is correct that the timestamp always includes UTC+0?

Assuming that the timestamp was created using new Date() then the date shown is just the way the debug panel has chosen to display it.

I think you meant 12:56 UTC - 1.

As I said earlier, 13:56 UTC and 14:56 12:56 UTC-1 are the same time.

You get the time.

In what way is this causing you a problem?

I think I'm fine with this result. I was able to find out that Node-Red is set with the correct timezone, and I understood how the timestamp thing works. Thanks for your help! Best regards - Daniel

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