Trying to Create a News ticker in Node red

Hey There.

i am trying to create the following in Node Red:
1- i have a database that contain data
2- i want to select the data from the database table
3- i want to display the data in some sort of a news ticker ( moving line that shows the headlines)

so far i am able to select the data that i want however i didnt find any easy way or any node that will receive my payload and display it in the news ticker.

if anyone has an idea on how can i display the data in this shape that would be very appreciated.

P.S: i came across something called react-ticker on the net but i couldnt manage to install it in my environment, however i would like to receive the same results as react-ticker.

As node-red-dashboard is NOT a react project, you need to look at something that is either vanilla HTML, JS or jQuery. There are lots of examples for "marquee ticker html" and "marquee ticker jquery" around the internet

for example, it would be easy enough to adapt this basic html marquee demo in a ui-template

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REACT is a front-end framework for dynamic web interfaces. As Steve says, this is not natively a part of Node-RED.

However, you could use it with the help of uibuilder which lets you build Node-RED data-driven UI's using any (or no) framework. However, it sounds as though you don't have experience in building web interfaces and to implement a REACT web UI, even a simple one would be a steep learning curve.


Another thing to add to my dashboard - I have about 3/4 of a line still visible accross the bottom edge :wink:
If keep the text size down this will just fit in !

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