Trying to get rainfall values from openweather

I'm looking for the syntax from openweather to dashbard.
the usual works: var msg6 = { payload:msg.payload.windspeed};
but not for 'rain'.
Looked in openweather but no luck.

Go read Msg.payload to influxdb and see if it helps

works well with msg.payload.humidity as the link suggests but no variable for rain, or rainfall.

If you use a debug node to look at the payload is the rain there?

No, it's not.
I went with darksky instead.

Thanks to you all.

I am just setting up a retic system in node red and going to incorporate rainfall darksky looks good but only a short term solution. Any ideas what you are going to replace darksky with now apple has bought it and discontinuing the API next year?

Where are you based ? For instance in Australia - the Australian BOM offers a free download/XLM feed for most areas (the depth and breadth of info differs based on region

Yer I am in Perth. I there is a package node-bom which will get data from bom. I will have a look into this.

Nope no package that i have found - i am getting most of my data through Home Assistant as there is some really good stuff over there for using BOM and then i pump it out to my NR instance.

I also have a basic flow that can pull down the BOM stuff and you can extract whatever you want from it - but it is a little fiddly


I am HA user too, doing up retic system and wanted rainfall predictions + rainfall mm in last X days to make node red skip watering where needed.

Well have a look at this over here on the HA forums

Its a long read but will get you the info you want, you could then grab it and send it over to NR

They do some weird stuff with NR in HA - so i would suggest running a seperate instance rather than the one provided in the Integrations



Rain has been added 3 days ago to the node-red integration: