Trying to trigger a switch on this error message from a Shelly node

I would like to trigger a switch when a Shelly node times out. I tried msg.string contains timeout, but that doesnt work. It looks as if it is just msg ? But I cannot set that in a switch




I am not sure this is possible, I put a debug on and there is nothing in it. I am using a trigger node now which triggers after a set time of no messages. That will then switch to an alternate data source. Now I have to figure out how to switch back to the Shelly when it comes back online...

Solution: set a flow variable to on after the trigger node, and set the flow variable to on with every message received. So when the Shelly is offline, it will trigger and set the flow variable to on, and as soon as data comes back it will set it to off

Use a status node to watch the the Shelly node status.

I've put a status node in there now, just watching that Shelly with a debug connected. Once it drops connection I can see what sort of response I have from the status node

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