Trying to use openssl passwd with exec node


I am trying to encrypt a password using openssl passwd and an exec node. Flow looks like this:


The code in the encrypt pin function is this:

msg.payload = "-salt abcdef" + global.get("pincode");
return msg;

pincode is a string.

The exec node has the following: openssl passwd

When I execute the function, a PID # appears under the exec node, so I know it has ran.

However I get nothing out of the exec node, it should be returning the encrypted version of the "pincode" variable.

Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?

Try using the other 2 outputs and sending them to debug to see what error is being produced. I suspect that openssl requires sudo but I'm not sure.

Thanks for the reply. I have 3 debug nodes connected to the 3 outputs set to display the complete msg object and I am seeing nothing in the debug window.

I don't think you need to be sudo, I can run that command in the terminal without beings sudo.

When you run in the terminal, you typically get an entirely different configuration - see what env variables you get in the terminal or assumptions by openssh as to the location of configuration files. These will all be different when run from within Node-RED.

I don't remember the config for openssh off the top of my head so I can't help directly, you will need to do some reading about it.

that's ok, I figured it out, you need -noverify in the exec node otherwise openssl passwd sits there waiting for confirmation of the password

One other issue I am having.. The exec node returns this payload:


I then have this function node to compare the result:

var alarm_function_tmp = msg.payload;

if (alarm_function_tmp === "abvc") {

var alarm_pass_fail_tmp = "ENTER PINCODE";


msg.success = 1;

msg.passthru = alarm_function_tmp;

return msg;

} else if (alarm_function_tmp != "abvc") {

var alarm_pass_fail_tmp = "INCORRECT PIN";


msg.passthru = alarm_function_tmp;

return msg;


However I cannot get the === statement to equate true.

The strings are the same? I'm not sure what I am missing

Not sure

var alarm_function_tmp = msg.payload.join("");

Can be simplified to

- } else if (alarm_function_tmp != "$1$4312$l7ibmh5zfQTHChznRX5i7.") {
+ else {

Thanks for the reply but that didn't work either :frowning:

I got it to work, used msg.slice to clean up the exec nod

just do msg.payload.trim() since the command line output includes a newline.

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