Tts-ultimate choosing voice

I am very happy with the results of the node-red-contrib-tts-ultimate.
I got it working in no time. In my test flow I use it to simply convert a text to audio, play it directly in the browser and make the file available for download.

My question is regarding the chosen voice (using google cloud TTS):
Is there a way I can change the voice by means of a message?
How does the command msg have to look like?

I tried this: msg.voice = "sv-SE sv-SE-Standard-D - MALE";
..without any success.

Any hints?
Could this be done by means of SSML? What is the syntax of SSML in this node? I did not get this work properly either yet.

Thx for any pointers!

with the free google translate API, you cannot do SSML.
You can change the voice by simply add another TTS-Ultimate node and selecting another voice.
Then, you can use a switch or a function node, to route the inbound message to the first or the second TTS-Ultimate node.

Thx for the idea!
I am using the paid goggle service for TTS. But somehow the SSML gets removed from my text or does not work properly due to replacement of symbol " and '.
Are there any work arounds for that?

Thx a lot!

TTS Ultimate do not do any type of striping on chars. Maybe the TTS Service does it.

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