TwiML invalid content type while using IBM Cloud storage for audio files

Hello all,

There appears to be an issue with files uploaded by node-red-contrib-ibm-watson-iot where I get the following error Error 12300 - Twilio while trying to access an audio file for a TwiML application. The strange part is that I can download the file onto my computer from the IBM bucket via a web browser -> delete it from the bucket -> upload it back into the bucket directly from my computer and Twilio will play the audio file with no errors. The same file will play once downloaded and uploaded via browser. I've tested this with both wav and mp3 files and get the same results.

Here is some supporting information:

  • This is a public bucket
  • I can confirm that Twilio can access the file
  • The files are not tagged
  • The URL output from IBM COS put is working

What is the IBM COS put node doing different than an upload from a browser?
What else can I do to troubleshoot the issue?

How may I assign the Content-Type when issuing the put node?

Here's what Twilio has to say about my issue:

When Twilio tries to retrieve this file, the HTTP response header includes a Content-Type which is set to application/octet-stream . This causes an error because application/octet-stream is not a valid Content-Type for audio files on the Twilio platform. To fix this you would need to update the server hosting your audio file so that it will set the response's Content-Type to one of the valid types listed in the table on this page:

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I had the wrong information with this post and will post a new request.

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