Two dimensional RBE?

Currently I have a mqtt in node connected to a function node and then to a telegram out node. The mqtt in node is sub'd to farm/fans/+/state/run. The function node extracts the device name from the topic (in the wildcard spot), builds an object for the telegram node with the following format for the telegram message, "$device_name: $mqtt_payload". It's working as expected.

Now I'd like to filter out duplicate msgs, basically if the payload hasn't changed since last time for that device, ignore it. I would use an rbe node except my mqtt node has the wildcard so back to back msgs might have the same payload but different topics and should be passed on. Can the rbe node handle that? It would be like a two dimensional rbe. Besides using context storage, what's another way to accomplish this?

From the rbe help page:

A simple node to provide report by exception (RBE) and bandgap functions

  • only passes on data if it has changed.

This works on a per msg.topic basis. This means that a single rbe node can handle multiple topics at the same time.

So if the messages with the wildcard have different topics it should work as you want.

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