Typescript support

Are there any plans to support Typescript in node-red in the future?

Hi @therustyalex - welcome to the forums.

Could you clarify what you mean?
Custom Nodes can already be developed in typescript (I do myself)

Thank you.

I was mainly thinking about typescript in function nodes:)

The custom nodes in Typescript is also interesting tho, is this what you are referring to:

Yes, custom Node development is fully operational in Typescript (I use it for my own nodes)

As for using it in Function nodes - I'm not sure that will be possible.
As the Code in function nodes uses the Node JS vm environment.


And given typescript is not javascript (more translated to JS, before the V8 engine) - im not sure that it's possible without a mammoth task of re-writing the function node - essentially compiling it with typescript, before its passed to the VM

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