Ubuntu start problem


I was trying to write data in usb with node red and IOT, finally i get it but when power off the IOT and repower on the usb has to be mounted manually, searching the solution i have a mistake and i modify “/etc /fstab” wrong and now ubuntu dont start in IOT, the screen show linux penguins but when have to show me the login in the console only appears _ and cant write and do nothing.

I know is not really a node red problem but If anyone can help me I appreciate it a lot.

Thanks in advanced.

If you can log in to the console, you can edit fstab using sudo nano /path/to/file

Once you have fixed your fstab, reboot

Hi Steve-Mci,

The problem is that i cant log in the console, logging dont appears and cant write nothing.

Ah, then you need to emergency boot or mount the file system elsewhere - there are a few methods to recover)

Google has many threads around recovering bad fstab: ubuntu broken fstab - Google Search

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