Ui builder buttons and graphics

Hi, I'm trying to create a dashbord with the ui builder node but I'm not sure how to conect my buttons and mqtt nodes with this.


On the MQTT side, you simply need to send the data through to the uibuilder node. Just make sure that you include some data that lets you differentiate it when it gets through to your front-end code.

The default VueJS template has an example button in it - is there something else that you need?

There is a way to conect the ui-builder button with my button on the regular dashboard ?

Certainly. With your uibuilder button, set the on-click function to do a uibuilder.send. This will send a msg back to Node-RED. Similarly your Dashboard button sends a msg to NR when clicked. So you simply need to make the uibuilder version send the same data and then feed both outputs into the flow you use to take actions on a button press.

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