UI Control multiple sessions hide/show groups

Hi should this be possible to do? I have dropdown node that controls show and hide groups that works fine in a browser session. When view the dashboard at the same time on the second screen ui session the dropdown changes but the show hide doesn't seem to be working. Any suggestions?

Doesn't work how? The screen operating drop down doesn't do what is expected? It the 2nd screen does/doesn't do what you expect?

In short, if you lose/drop/delete the session property from the msg, it will(should) affect all sessions.

flows.json (5.6 KB)

Here in the code if I open:

Two instances of localhost:1880/ui

and play with the input fields Triger1 and Trigger2. Then I can see it working in the same browser that I input them from but in second browser window I don't see the same happen. The only thing I see is the the input field value gets updated on the submission to the field.

If you delete the msg.socketid property before sending the message to the ui control node then it should update on all browsers.

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