Ui-table filtering

Hi all.

I have NoSQL data logger, Mariadb
It simply stores three different fields :

I can add data, retrieve it in dashboard and display it in ui-table, but really can not understand how can I set static filter like "Room = 2"

I Crawled by examples, but can't really understand it and I stuck there. I tried to send commands from function node but can't do it.
List does not react or displays blank table. Debug node shows command injected.

Will anyone find some time to help a newbie ?

Thank you in advance!

You find info on filtering here Tabulator

You have to send a command to ui-table to enable certain filters: Tabulator Filter - #3 by Christian-Me

The = filter displays only rows with data that exactly matches the filter value

So make sure that the types match so if room is a string the filter value must be string too.

if this does not work for you I think I need your flow (including demo data)

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