Ui table - Tabulator not found after PC reboot. Permissions problem

Hi I'm well on with node-red-node-ui-table - most things working as expected and getting very nice looking tables. Node red is on a pi and I'm browsing using chrome from PC and android devices.I then rebooted the PC and now any tables are blank - including the demos.

The chrome console reported cannot find Tabulator.
Tried a few things, updated dashboard as I was a couple or revisions behind. Uninstalled uitable, rebooted the pi, put uitable back in again. Same.

Checked back further in console and saw unauthorised against a couple of the js files for uitable.
I then launched dashboard from within the admin editor for pi and had to input my dashboard user info. The tables are now back again on the pc but I am logged in as admin for editing purposes.

I use https with an admin user for editing and https with another user for dashboard access. Wild guess here but could it be that tabulator access needs the admin user rather than the dashboard user?
Any suggestions welcome.

Perhaps this thread helps:

Have not experienced that problem because I do (currently) not use https. But for me it seams a common problem where it seams could be a solution clearing the cache and do some other things.

There is even a open issue on github.

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