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I am creating a simple device dashboard using UIbuilder as this allows me to serve a very basic html page. (I have a more complex page built using node-red dashboard.) Within UIbuilder I have dynamically updated fields and I can change the background colour, but I am struggling on how to change an <img src=> tag to a different image and get it updated. I need a small picture to change based on values within node-red without refreshing the webpage.

Is this possible? I have been looking for a solution for a while and my attempts using inserted elements are not working.

Any help is appreciated.


What lib are you using?

jQuery? Vue?

If you are using the default VueJS, attributes are changed like this:

<img :src="someVarNameOrJSfn" ...>

That can be a simple JavaScript expression but normally would simply be a variable name that is pre-defined in the vueApp.data section of your index.js file. You then update that as needed.

Thanks both for your fast replies. I am using Vue.js but still learning how it all slots together. My issue was that I was trying to reference the variable name in all places in the web page using {{image_name}}. I did not understand that this is only required when the variable is to be content, and that I could reference a Vue variable just using image_name.

Certainly worth spending an hour going through the Vue basics as you will find everything slots into place really quickly.

I moved the default from jQuery to VueJS because it is actually slightly smaller but also because it is a lot easier and more logical when you are building UI's. Vue is a lot easier to get to grips with than many of the frameworks (like REACT or Angular) but really just as powerful. Addin bootstrap-vue is icing on the cake since that takes care of loads of CSS that you would otherwise need to worry about and adds some really handy high-level components on top of Vue such as the table handling, cards, and so on. So with minimal boilerplate, you get a really nice UI with minimal code.

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