Uibuilder: Getting Started Walkthrough (part 1)

This seems to be a bug (happened a few times to me in 2.0.6). Will take a closer look the next time it occurs.

As for the walkthrough, thank you @TotallyInformation. We will try to use the uibuilder on our next project, which hopefully starts next week :upside_down_face:

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If you do get that again, could you click on the link and report the code lines it points to?

I think that it is reporting that it can't access the Node-RED settings (RED.settings. THe populateTemplateDropdown accesses RED.settings.uibuilderTemplates which is a property passed back from the .js file via the options to RED.nodes.registerType.

I can't see anything else that might go wrong in that function as it is mostly jQuery.

I've put in a test for the next release in the populateTemplateDropdown function so that it outputs a suitable error if the setttings aren't accessible.