[uibuilder] Reminder about the external templates catalogue

Hi all, quick reminder.

uibuilder has a feature that lets you quickly create a web app based on a template configuration. Documentation should be in the docs: Creating Templates, however, not much there yet I'm afraid.

Simply stated, you can create a flow with a uibuilder node, deploy (which creates the folder structure), change your front-end code including any build-step, local libraries, API's, etc. Add a README file and make any changes you need to package.json.

You can then put that whole folder structure into a GitHub repository which can then be referenced when you want to create a new copy of the app. Simply create a new flow with a uibuilder node, set the URL, deploy. Then change the template to the githubname/reponame and the whole thing will overwrite the current folder.

There is a (currently very small) catalogue of such template repositories listed on the uibuilder WIKI.

If you have created your own template repos, please do add to that WIKI page so that everyone can benefit.

Thanks, Julian.

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Thank you very much!

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