Uibuilder rename folder

I would like to rename an existing uibuilder folder. So I changed the name:

After deploying, the folder hasn't been renamed, but a new folder has been created with standard files (html/js/css).

How to just rename a folder? Can it be done manually?

As it has failed for some reason, just stop node-red, delete the folder it created and rename the old one then restart node-red.

Not sure why it failed though. I did a rename the other day and it worked OK. I don't suppose there were any errors in the node-red log?

This is the only message I have found in the log, related to the rename operation:

Jun 25 14:10:21 SaltyRest Node-RED[337]: 25 Jun 14:10:21 - [info] [uibuilder:nodeInstance:primevue1] Created instance folder /home/boss/.node-red/uibuilder/primevue1 and copied template files from /home/boss/.node-red/node_modules/node-red-contrib-uibuilder/templates/blank

It seems that it has created a new instance and copied blank templates, instead of renaming the old one.

Thanks, I'll double-check the code.

Update: Sadly, I didn't get to it this weekend as the family needed more TLC than anticipated :slight_smile:

Next on the list though and probably (hopefully), the last fix before v5.1 is released with lots in interesting goodness in it.

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