[Uibuilder] Send data the msg.payload

Hey everyone i want to send data(counterBtn) to msg.payload

this.counterBtn = this.counterBtn + 1

        uibuilder.onChange( {

            'payload': {

                'type': 'counterBtn',

                'btnCount': this.counterBtn,

                'message': this.inputText,

                'inputChkBox': this.inputChkBox


        } )

uibuilder.onChange() is for receipt of data from Node-RED to the browser. Further, that function has 2 parameters, the first being the event name, the event msg is triggered when a new standard msg is received from node-RED, the 2nd parameter is a function that is called when a msg event is triggered.

As per the documentation, the function you want is uibuilder.send(msgtosend).

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