💥 uibuilder v2: New update and near completion

Hi, despite extensive building work on the house getting in the way, I've managed to do some updates this weekend on the v2 branch of uibuilder.

I've now pushed 2.0.0-dev4 to GitHub. We are really close to completing v2.0 now so please give this a go if you can.

You can install with:

npm install TotallyInformation/node-red-contrib-uibuilder#v2 --save

The big thing about this weekend's build is that npm package processing is now LIVE! :boom: :fireworks:

You can install and remove npm packages using the package manager built right into the Admin ui for a uibuilder node instance.

Note that this feature is meant for installing packages that support your front-end (client) code and not for packages that will add nodes to Node-RED - use the core palette manager for that. This means that Node-RED does not have to be restarted when you install a front-end package.

Packages installed this way are immediately made available for you to use, you don't even need to do a deploy.

If you are not sure about what packages are available and what URL they are served up on, check out the admin API page on http<s>://<nodered-ip<:<nodered-port>/<admin-path>/uibindex - you will find the proper link under the "Path & Module Details" section. Just click on "Detailed Information".

Also try out the shiny new default template which shows off how easy it is to create a dynamic web app using Node-RED and uibuilder with help from VueJS and bootstrap-vue:


I am really looking for this to build app. I dont feel satisfy with current dashboard

Thanks. Have you had a go with the dev version? You can already use that to build things. Most of the interface is now fairly stable. I did some final updates over the weekend but haven't had the chance to push them yet. I'm down to the final code tidy and walk through trying to spot some final inconsistencies.

I will be pushing beta1 very soon - assuming no big bugs are found, the live v2 will go out shortly after that.

The final piece of functionality that wasn't in this release was middleware support for ExpressJS and Socket.IO. I completed those at the weekend.

No I still not have time to test. But I want to write an app base on node red and dont like the design of current dashboard. So it will be great to start with a new version of uibuilder

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