[uibuilder v5] Difficult decision to make - removing the security features?

Hi all,

For some while now I've been putting off a decision about the next major release of uibuilder. But I think I've finally come to the point where I can't put it off further. I really need to get v5 out so that people can start properly benefiting from it and so that I can move forward to the next stage.

But the thing that keeps holding me back are the security features. I really wanted to be able to give people a built-in security option that would make life easier. However, the more I look into it and try to architect it, the more complex it gets. Doing it badly is easy, doing it so that it doesn't let someone down is very hard.

So because this is now, I believe, holding uibuilder back and preventing work on more important aspects, I believe that I need to tear out the security all together.

As I've often said on this forum, security is almost certainly nearly always done better externally anyway. Tools for doing that are mature and battle tested, something that a one-man-band non-pro developer can't hope to achieve.

So unless someone pours their heart out with anguish over its potential loss, over the next couple of days, I'm going to disable the security features completely.

Not to say that they might not come back in a future release but for now I have to draw a line and move on.

Please let me know your thoughts.

Regards, Julian.


Hi Julian

As someone who is just getting into uibuilder I would not be making use of any security features for some time yet, so this would cause me no anguish at all

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A man has to know his limitations Julian !!

I guess we will wait for some of the more advanced users to jump in and voice their opinion.

I am only playing with it in my spare time in my sandbox system at the moment and am not using any of the security features.


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For me it's not a problem

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