Unable To Copy Flow For Backup

Running version 2.1.5 and trying to copy a flow for safe keeping by pasting to Notepad.

I click on one node to highlight then CTRL-A to highlight all nodes. Go to Export where all the nodes highlighted are listed. Click Copy to clipboard but the normal message at the top of the screen stating "copying X number of nodes" doesn't appear. Doing a CTRL-V in Notepad pastes nothing.

I've restarted my Windows machine and the RPi running the flow. What am I missing?

When I backup a flow to notepad, I usually go to "All Flows", then "JSON", and copy to clipboard.

Have you tried that? The problem might be more structural, but that might be a workaround.

I tried that and no success.
But I don't even get any type of notice at the top of the screen when I Export. Using your method or anything else I have tried. The notice normally reports X number of nodes exported. This is what happens on my other RPi's running NR but not this one.

Which browser and version are you running?
Can you try a different browser?
If it still fails then open the developer console in your browser and refresh the page and look for errors. Then try the export and again look for errors.

What version of nodejs are you using?

Version 14.18.3 This is a RPi that runs a flow for my driveway photobeam detectors. It's been running without incident for around 4 years. But I wanted to be sure I had a backup when the SD card fails.

I was able to finally Download the json code which should be fine. All my other RPi flows Export to a text file and display a successful Export at the top of the screen except this one.

Anyway, successful backup file finally saved. Thanks!!

If you want a backup then simply backup the whole of the .node-red folder except the node_modules folder. That should not be backed up as it contains the built versions of nodes, and if you restore it to a different architecture or OS version, or different major nodejs version then it might not be valid.
If you need to restore the flows then replace the .node-red directory, go into it and run
npm install
which will rebuild the node_modules folder.

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