Unable to get until node working as intended

I have a flow where i want to turn on a light when the door is opened then motion is detected within 10s

the only weird thing is that the microwave sensor doesnt seem to activate the until node and always times out. the trigger for the microwave node shows on and off, however it stays red when 'on' is displayed. I have the binary sensor debug shown and beleive that is correct (same as i have for the door magnet sensor set up in the same way)

i tried turning off 'check against current state' since that was in another forum post, but doesnt seem to make a diffrence if on or off.


i had to use state instead of payload and now it works as intended

Hi Dan, and welcome to the forum.

I think if you hang around here for a while, you'll find that relatively few of us use Home Assistant, although we help when we can. So cross-posting on the HA forum with questions like this is probably a good idea.


Thanks for the heads up!
@drmibell Out of curiosity what is your application if not home assistant?

He means most people here run node-red without ha.

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