Unable to send message to telegram

I set up our local water agency to send me a daily email of our previous day's water usage. I am able to extract out the number of gallons but when I try to send a message to telegram, I receive an error. (TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'length')".

I'd upload the flow except the email has personal information that shows up in the debug window.

Any assistance to send the payload.content info would be great.


Which node is generating the error? The one with id 9888e5....
If you don't know which one that is you can use the search feature to search for the id. It is a good idea to give your nodes names, then it will show that in the debug pane instead of the id.

Sorry about that, the telegram node is throwing this error. The message above the error is from the function node.

What nodejs version and which telegram node package are you using?

I am running HA/node red on a RPI3 so I cannot access as root to see what my node.js version is.
I'm using this telegram node: node-red-contrib-telegrambot 11.2.4

If you look at the node red startup log it will tell you the versions.

thanks for the tip.

I am running Node.js version: v16.14.0.

That should be fine.

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