Unable to use oracledb node

Hi! This is my first day using node-RED, so I'm really new.
I'm trying to use the oracledb node to perform some inserts into a table. Just a very simple try.
The insert is working, but the problem is that bind variables are allways empty.
I tried with: "insert into mytable(col1) values(:value1)", and in the "Field Mapping" tab I have this: "msg.payload.Value".

I also tried with some string as "myvalue", but nothing worked.
Could anybody help me to understand how it works?

welcome to Node-RED :slight_smile:
If you’d ay you are using a node it’s best if you. an give us the full name.

eg node-red-node-twitter or node-red-contrib-something

as there are often more than one node to do a task and how you configure them may be different

The full name is node-red-contrib-oracledb.
Let me put some screenshots to clarify the situation.


Is there something wrong?