Unixtime to localtime

I can´t get the right time for example:
1634641200 should be: 19.10.2021, 13:00:00 [UTC+2]

I tried date/time formater gives me: "1970-01-19T22:04:01.200Z"

$moment(payload).locale("de").format('dddd, [der] D. MMMM YYYY [um] HH:mm') 

gives me 1970 too

what did I do wrong ?

edit: i think "1634641200" is to short, there must be more "0". :thinking:

Where did you get the numbers from?

openweathermap, I just have to multiply with 1000

for example:

msg2.payload = msg.payload.daily[1].dt *1000;

thanky anyway

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