[UPDATE] node-red-contrib-particle v1.0.0

updated to v0.2.1 v1.0.0:

For changelog and other details, please refer to the github repo:

I've been maintaining this set of nodes since 2015 that simplify the connection between Particle devices and Node-RED, mainly for my teaching and research purposes. I reckon it has gone through sufficient rounds of tests in my classrooms and feedback for me to post this announcement here :slight_smile:

This new update has breaking changes (sorry), adopts the Particle JS API, has Product support, and introduces a Utility node for testing and retrieving device information. Please refer to changelog and readme for more details.

If you are upgrading the package, please note dependencies have changed. A normal npm install in your node-red-contrib-particle folder should do the trick. Re-install the node if it's giving you issues. Due to the breaking changes, your existing Particle nodes will have to be set up again.


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In which case, the version number ought to be bumped to 1.x.x.

See semver.org for details on how semantic versioning works.

Strictly I don't think that is true while it is still at v0.x is it? I thought the idea was that until you go to v1 it is still in Beta so anything may change.

Strictly yes.

How many nodes are published at a 0.x version and make clear they are still betas and could make breaking changes at any time?

How many Node-RED users, who don't know the details of semver, understand that subtly?

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@knolleary agreed. I think many projects delay going to v1 longer than is desirable. Once something is working well and there are not expected to be breaking changes regularly then I think they should go to v1.

....like node-RED??...:sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:


I couldn't possibly comment.

Gosh I might have opened up a can of worms... or perhaps left the can opener right next to the can...

In any case, following proper semver practice I have bumped the version up to v1.0.0.

That v1 label though... for an open source contribution... not something I am used to!

I assume you are both familiar with our roadmap to 1.0 which sets out what we're doing to get to that milestone.