[Updated] node-red-contrib-static-markdown v0.1.1

Hi all, a new version of this node has been released containing a mix of bug fixes and enhancements.

Many thanks to @janvda for Pull Requests and testing.

  • Updated all dependencies - No more support for Node.js v6 or v8

  • Minimum Node.js version is now v10

  • Bump version to 0.1.1 because of Node.js dependency (some dependent libraries now use ES6)

  • Incorporate bug fixes and enhancements from Janvda - many thanks for your contributions.

  • Bug fix for Issue #4

  • Enhancement for Issue #5 - allow .template.hbs to exist anywhere

  • Documentation update for Issue #6 - update docs to show that a restart of Node-RED is required for template changes

  • Bug fix for Issue #7 - not showing test.md correctly

  • Incorporates feature request Issue #8 - for include files via markdown-it-include

  • Correct module name in package.json - "staticMarkdown"

  • Isolate Editor code correctly to remove possible global var clashes

  • Remove need for build stage by changing Editor script elements from x-red to html - Minimum Node-RED version is now v0.19

  • REmove @gerhobbelt/markdown-it-emoji and replace with standard version as @gerhobbelt version requires a build step

  • Code tidy in serveMarkdown.js

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I see that this node version (0.1.1) has been published to npm 21 hours ago but it is still not present in node-red palette and also following URL is still showing version 0.0.15:

Most likely I am a bit inpatient but is there an idea when this version will be available in Node-RED ?

You can go to the flows site and request a refresh

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I just did that and I see that it is refreshed !
Thanks a lot for the tip !

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Sorry I meant to do that as I don't think the auto-updates are working at all at the moment. But then I had to go to bed - sorry!

the automatic updates have been turned off as they were too unreliable. so it's 100% manual now :slight_smile: - but anyone can request it on the flows site.


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