[Updated] @tonymacdonald/node-red-rapt-pull Pull data for one or more RAPT Pill hydrometers into Node-RED

Just published the following package


Simple node to pull data from RAPT cloud for integration into Node-RED flows.

RAPT Pill is a floating digital hydrometer and thermometer produced by KegLand.
It pushes periodic telemetry data to the RAPT cloud via WiFi or indirectly via Bluetooth through a compatible KegLand device.

The rapt-pull node uses the RAPT API v1 to request device or telemetry information from the RAPT cloud so that it can be integrated into a Node-RED flow.

Currently the following API endpoints are supported


Each instance of the rapt-pull node is configured to invoke one of the supported endpoints.

When configured for GetHydrometers, it will return an array of objects containing details for all hydrometers registered against your RAPT account.
When configured for GetHydrometer, it will return an object containing details about a single hydrometer.
When configured for GetTelemetry, it will return an array of objects containing telemetry information for a specific time period.

By chaining node instances together it is very easy to create a flow to get exactly the information you would like.

If you have a RAPT Pill, give this node a try and let me know what you think.

Upversioned to 0.9.1

Updated to move timestamp of last query into node context and keep separate values for each hydrometer for those with more than one device.
Node status now indicates when a query is in progress.

If you are using this node, let me know how you find it.