Uploading to Onedrive

Hello, I've created a node-red flow that generates data files from temperature readings and I would like to automatically upload the files to OneDrive Online. There is a node available that allows me to upload files to Dropbox, and I got this to work successfully. However, my business only uses OneDrive, so I would need to get OneDrive to work. Is this possible without a node specifically for OneDrive?

I haven't seen anything.

There are several projects in npm perhaps you could build a node for everyone to benefit from?

Perhaps you could just reference one of these libs in your settings.js and use function nodes?

Or take a look at the source and extract the URLs it communicates with an approximate it using http nodes?

Or lastly, use the npm node-red node to import one of them and try that?

Oh two other suggestions...

Isn't there a sync app that synchronises files between local and OneDrive? Perhaps setup that and dump files locally.

Store data in a database and build a simple dashboard in node-red to access historical data instead of dumping files. Far better solution (imo)

There is certainly an API though I doubt it is easy to use (it is Microsoft after all!).

If you have the OneDrive client installed however, that is trivial since you just write to the appropriate folder and the client takes care of the sync for you.