Use group env.variable for DB nodes names

Hi there,

Still figuring how to handle code blocks repetition the easiest way.

I know that DB nodes in sub-flows is not an option, but maybe there is a kind of work-around with node groups.

Let's say I have a group of DB nodes, with all the logic being done in a subflow , like this :

In the subflow I can easily adapt the code to different kind of messages by using subflow Env variable.

Now if I duplicate also the DB nodes, either in group or not, then all the nodes have same name as the original, which make it very hard to assign to specific DB pages/groups. So I need to go to each node, and change the node name, and also sometimes gthe DB node topic....

Is there any way to use a group variable, in a DB node name and/or topic field ?



Hi, no one ?

I guess there is no way to improve then .....

To my knowledge, the name of any node can't be evaluated using variables, but then I have never needed to do so - so I could be wrong


thanks for your answer.

Loos like there is definetely nothing which can be improved here....


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