User Activated Alarm

Hello everyone!

I have a LoRaWAN Door/Window sensor which I could successfully integrated into NR (on RPi) through TTN and MQTT. I have an LED and text on my dashboard which shows whether the door is open or close.
Now I want to add an alarm to it that when the door is open get an alarm on a buzzer connected to RPi. All good up to here, BUT I don't want this alarm be activated all time. I want to add a switch that when I go out, I click on that switch and activate the alarm.
Looks like there is no AND operation for doing this. I can't find a way to get these two inputs (switch and sensor value) and act accordingly. Any help would be appreciated.


Simplest way would be to use one of the "gate" nodes. Such as node-red-contrib-simplegate. This allows you to have a variable that opens/closes the gate and allows/prevents messages from getting through.


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