Using a formula in change node

Prior to v3.1.5, I used a formula in the change node to calculate a numerical value: (8192*.66)

Now this formula is generating an error. Does anyone know how I can keep my formula but resolve the error? Please note the reason I am using a formula versus the result is so in the future if I need to go back to determine the two values which made up the result.

What error are you getting?

Can export the Change node and share it so we can see exactly how you have it configured?

When I click on Deploy, I get a pop up stating my node is not properly configured.

Here is a screenshot of my change node formula
Screenshot 2024-03-03 135545

Just use a JSONata expression and don't forget the zero before the decimal point.

Hi @k5map

In that screen shot, both of those fields are set to the number type. That type has never supported using formula.

I think you meant to set the to the expression type.

It has been working this year for well over a year... the only thing which has changed in the last 2 weeks is I upgraded to v3.1.5.

I'll change it to expression just so I can get it working again.

What version did you upgrade from?

I've tested this on each version going back to 3.0.2 and always get a value of NaN when I try to use a formula in the number type field.

I switched to using a JSON expression and the error has been resolved