Using msg.from (received via E-mail in node) in a SQL query

I have the E-mail in node working fine and can retrieve the sender's email address as msg.from (as proven with a debug node). It gets returned with quotation marks; for example: ""

However, my next step is to pass that email address to a SQL query (shown below). Instead of receiving back a True or False, I am getting "RequestError: Incorrect syntax near ')'."

SELECT CAST(SUM(ContactCount) AS BIT) AS ContactExists


   SELECT CAST(1 AS INT) AS ContactCount FROM dbo.tblCustomersContacts WHERE ContactEmail = {{{msg.from}}}


   SELECT CAST(0 AS INT) AS ContactCount

) A

Just as a test, if I instead write the query without the mustache wrapped msg.from and instead use a valid email, it works fine. See below. The syntax error is seemingly only happening when I use the mustache formatted variables. FWIW, I tried with single and double mustache with no success.

SELECT CAST(SUM(ContactCount) AS BIT) AS ContactExists


   SELECT CAST(1 AS INT) AS ContactCount FROM dbo.tblCustomersContacts WHERE ContactEmail = ''


   SELECT CAST(0 AS INT) AS ContactCount

) A

What node are you using to do this? function, template?

As @zenofmud says, where are you doing the mustache?

Are using the better mssql-plus node and doing the query in the query editor?

Attach a debug to the output (set to show complete message) - look at the msg.query property (it will show you the finished / rendered SQL query that was executed against the db - you will clearly see where the syntax error is.

But essentially, with mustache in node-red, do not include msg. when accessing msg properties (i.e. use {{{from}}} NOT {{{msg.from}}})


your SQL above looks wrong due to forum formatting.
you should surround code / flow with backticks

code here - like this

(you can go back and edit your post)

Thanks for your replies. I think I am getting close.

I am using the MSSQL-Plus node and doing the query in the editor as shown. I did also surrounded the whole query with backticks as suggested....

but that did not fix anything, so I have removed them.

However, definitely putting {{{from}}} helped. I think the problem now is that the string that I am passing (which is an email address) is being rejected by SQL with the message "The multi-part identifier could not be bound." I suspect there is some way to format the email address so that SQL will accept it. See my screenshot below:

the back ticks are for forum



Remove the ``` backticks from the query

Did you check the msg.query like I said...

Thanks for clarifying the backticks. Feel a bit stupid for missing that one.

Re: the debug node, I changed it to complete msg object and the "Result to" in the MSSQL-Plus node to "msg.query". I still see the same text as in my second screenshot ("the multi-part identifier "--the email address in the from field--" could not be bound")

Put a debug before the SQL node set to show complete message.

Run the flow

Expand both debug messages fully and screenshot them.

Check the msg going in has the items you are trying to use in mustache.

Ps, I am pretty sure I know what the issue is but I want to see what msg.query shows

I am certain you will see it too

It's worth finding the problem as it will help you greatly in future problems (so don't read the spoiler just yet)


You didn't surround string part of query with single quotes

Thank you. I tried to get the debug nodes showing the info you asked about, but for some reason could not get them to display as I wished. I had to peek at the spoiler and indeed, I actually tried that in the very beginning, but I was still using {{{msg.from}}} (whereas I later changed it to {{{from}}}.

Here is the working flow showing 2 results (one from a valid email in the database and another that is not valid).

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If you change the debug to "show complete message" - you get to see the final QUERY that is sent to SQL Server - it lets you understand if your mustache is rendered correctly. It also permits you to copy the query and test it in another application (to help you rule out node-red)

Glad your sorted either way.

PS, in beta right now is the ability to use parameters e.g WHERE Name = @name...

If you would like to try the beta i can give you instructions?

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