Using node red as a read/write api

I have a remote device that has an option to write data to an http server. I assume this means api requests as I know them.

I did a bit of googling but I think I may not be phrasing it correctly because I keep coming back to http requests from node red to remote services.

So my device has the ability to do a get and post request. I don't know how it can write with a get request so I'll assume a post request is what I need. It will send a json object and I want to send it to an end point in node red.

I have set up a http in node. When I browse to this address I've set up a template to respond with a simple message to test and this works. But my remote device is set up to post to the same address but this is where I'm not sure if I'm on the write tracks. I never seem to get anything out of the debug unless I browse to the end point.

So there's I chance I've not set up the remote device but before I get to stuck in I thought it was worth asking first if I'm even doing it the right way.


The node red cookbook has a POST example.

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