Using node-red in between a web app and server

Specifically: node developed app using Express to MongoDB… how can I best inject node-red to utilized its special skills, i.e., dashboard graphics.

Have you found the page in the docs?

Hi @largolobo - its hard to be very specific as it depends so much on what you actually want to do.

It would help if you described what you already have and what you’d like to get out of node-red. If you already have an node.js app then you’d need to look at the embedded docs that @ukmoose has linked to. That would let you run node-red within your existing app.

In the spirit of microservices, you might be better off keeping them separate assuming you have the resources available on your platforms. This makes them easier to maintain as you can do it independently.

You can then make use of one or more of the many communications channels that Node-RED supports. Including UNIX/Windows Pipes, Websockets, TCP, MQTT, etc.