Using node red in Html

Could i somehow open node red application in my own html ? Lets say i make a webpage and try to put the application inside some div or something like that

Node-red runs in node js, server side. It cannot run in a web page.

You can however embed node-red in an application (but it still doesn't run in html)

You can also display the node-red editor in an iframe if you desire.

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Not sure i quite understand. Could i have a header that says welcome and below it whole node-red framework on which i could acutally work in node-red.
I want to do something fancy with it if its possible

then search iframe - its a HTML thing (nothing at all to do with node-red)

Give it a go and find out

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">

<iframe src="" title="Node-RED"></iframe>


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Thats really nice. Didnt know you could do that! Awesome

Do you mean the editor? If so, yes, there is available configuration for that. Check the settings.js file.

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