Using Open remote instead of node red

Can i use open remote for realtime capturing files data (xml, csv, json etc) generated by machines? any way please suggest
Is this use case is handled better on node red or open remote?

Hi, this forum is for node-red, it is kind of likely you will get a bias towards node-red. To be honest, I have never heard of open remote.

But node-red can handle realtime data just fine, including csv, xml etc but with an asterisk*:
How much data are you expecting to process ?


By all accounts (, OpenRemote is an intuitive user-friendly 100% open source IoT device management platform for device makers (OEMs), Integrators and Governments.
It offers email support and 4hrs/month training for just 6000 euros a year, streets ahead of Node-red :grin:

Nevertheless, I believe that Node-red is much better suited for realtime capturing files data (xml, csv, json etc) generated by machines.


sorry for the biased question.
our use case is data intense manufacturing machines generating data files very frequent.
second, we want to deploy node red application on client onpremise, is the under the hood code is visible or extracted & reuse by client, how to secure our core logic?

since nodejs is interpreted, the code is not secure. any solution for this on node red?

If you need to obfuscate some of your code, then you could write some of it as a nodejs addon using C or with the node-addon-api using C++. Just precompile it before giving it to them and keep the source to yourself.

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any solution for this on node red?

One solution: license agreement.

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